“… there were these black boxes with names like JBL and Cerwin on them … and some guy named Shamus took these 12” round plates from a box and placed them randomly on 3 of these silver rotating machines … the blue box in the middle his hands and fingers were all over, was the mixer and he was in the zone … I don’t know … I can only recall that there were waves and waves of sound cutting right into you, right through you … every sound had its own character … there were these random flowing personalities being revealed in each of them … then merged into another sound, then another new sound comes through … really tripnotic … and for some reason we were all able to see Shamus come alive as he moved and tweaked each button on the machines, like it was all in the palm of his hands … I felt possessed and emotions ran on many tangents … I turned around and asked my friend what it was we were listening to, he said this was “un-apologetic techno at its best …”